Il Giornale: InsideOver

The Inmate Firefighters Risking Their Lives for $1 an Hour
The Chilling World Of Instagram’s Child Sex Models
The Child Slaves of the Cosmetics Industry
The Gulf State’s Missing Princesses

The Fawcett Society

The Battle for Abortion Rights for Northern Irish Women Still Isn’t Over

How Can Britain Claim to be Progressive When it Continues to Detain Vulnerable Women?
Regardless of the Outcome, Repeal the 8th is a Testimony to the Power of Women
#MeToo: Bringing Victims of Sexual Assault into the Spotlight Won’t Stop Rape: Serving Justice to Perpetrators Will.

Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Tourism
The Issues of Voluntourism
Tourism and Plastic Pollution
The Fast Fashion Industry and Climate Change

The Asian Express Newspaper

Syrian Refugees: Speak of Their Experiences of Being Resettled in Leeds
Ban on Religious Wear ‘Not Discriminatory’ Says European Court
Myanmar Rohingya Massacre: Child Killings are ‘Crimes against humanity’

CultureHUB Magazine

Interview with BBC Radio 4 Resident Poet Hollie McNish
John Baucher: Artist Interview
‘Women’s Hour’ Theatre Review
Edinburgh Fringe Prize Winner: ‘DollyWould’ Sh!t Theatre Interview & Preview
‘Citizens’ Book Review

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