Working for clients around the world, I create words, concepts, content and features. From SEO blog writing to product descriptions, website copy to email newsletters, I can offer you and your business the opportunity to connect with your clients through meaningful, conscious content. Below are a small selection of examples of recent collaborations with various brands and businesses.

Press release: HyperPay Responds to Merchant Needs by Introducing New Account Management App
HyperPay, the fastest growing online payment service provider in the MENA region, has announced an extension to its services with the launch of a new mobile app, allowing merchants to closely monitor all activities that occur throughout the day, on their business accounts.

Blog post: How to Choose the Right Software House for Your Project
We appreciate that choosing a software developer to come on board with your project can be a daunting task. After all, there are 1000’s of companies out there, all promising to be the best but how can you be sure that the team you’re collaborating with will be just what your project needs?

SEO blog post: 6 High Margin Dropshipping Trends
It’s no secret that things move quickly in the world of drop-shipping. From one month to the next, products come and go and what dominates the market in one season can be oversold and saturated in the next. This is why finding live product trends is so important to any E-commerce business trying to compete in a flooded market.

Website content: Our Forever Home
Nestled in the heartland of Australia’s golden coastline, Our Forever Home is a small family run company that puts quality, character and artistry at the core of what we do. We believe that elegant, graceful products have the capacity to transform a house into a home. Through rigorous quality testing and a well vetted production process, Our Forever Home’s high standard of excellence ensures careful curation of only the finest products.

Product description: Almond Coconut/Sea Minerals scented candles
Allow yourself to check out from your day with the comforting, mellow scent of Almond Coconut.
Be transported to long hazy days spent on the beach with the uplifting aromatics of Sea Minerals.

Longform academic blog post: Tourism and plastic pollution
If 2018 was the year of anything, it was the year of (the demise of) the Plastic Straw. With entire cities [1] ongoing legislation [2] from the EU and even McDonald’s [3] getting rid of the harmful drinking aid, a move towards a plastic-free future seems promising.

Longform academic blog post: The Impact Your Daily Commute Has On Climate Change
The average commute in the UK now takes more one hour per day [1], up from 48 minutes in previous years. With those in England spending more time commuting than in any other European country (the average UK worker will spend 400 days of their life commuting, which raises to 559 days for those living in London) your daily commute could be costing much more than time and money.

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