The Slaves of the Make-up Industry

Published in InsideOver The beauty industry is no stranger to moral debate, from animal testing and plastic pollution, to the perpetuation of unachievable standards; campaigns have been fought and won, and the ever-changing face of beauty has been forced to adapt to escape its ugly depths. Whilst consumers are becoming ever more conscious of their purchasing power […]

Tourism & Plastic Pollution

Published on Plastic Reduction Initiatives If 2018 was the year of anything, it was the year of (the demise of) the Plastic Straw. With entire cities [1] ongoing legislation [2] from the EU and even McDonald’s [3] getting rid of the harmful drinking aid, a move towards a plastic-free future seems promising. However, the token gestures [4] of plastic straw bans or plastic bag charges must […]

Tourism, Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Available at: The Growing Tourism Industry Slavery and human trafficking may seem like phenomena of the past, horrors best left to be commemorated at vigils, memorials or by sharing a Facebook posts on a particular day of the year. Perhaps they represent something happening on the other side of the world. However, modern slavery […]

Exhibition Review: Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition 2016

We are all familiar with the Ulster Museum; dinosaur bones, vintage cars, Neolithic tools, rare crystals and gemstones and of course, mummies in glass cases. But did you know the Ulster Museum is also one of the paramount venues for seeing contemporary art in Belfast? Tucked in amongst the aforementioned treasures is The Royal Ulster […]

Citizens | Book Review

  Author: Kevin Curran • Publisher: Liberties Press Citizens, a book set between Ireland in 1916, and Ireland during the economic crash of 2011 is a transgenerational novel by Kevin Curran, an Irish writer with an immeasurably flexible ability to transition from one time era to the other with ease. The novel’s protagonist, Neil, is a […]

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club + The Haggis Horns The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival- Review

Friday 6th May saw Belfast come alive to the intoxicating sounds of The Haggis Horns as part of The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club running in this year’s CQAF’s line up. The Haggis Horns, a 7 piece band which describe themselves as a “live funk extravaganza combining heavy breakbeat funk, soul, hip-hop and afrobeat […]