Press Release

Maaxo ‘the most rewarding app’, has announced plans to expand its reach, to include a rewards scheme for posting your wants and needs. As well as giving users the opportunity to cash in points in order to sell on, ask experts for advice, make the most of exclusive deals and much more, the introduction of points and rewards within the app will offer even more value for money whilst setting Maaxo aside from other more niche competitor brands.

Responding to User Needs

Users of Maaxo will already be aware of its multi-purpose, mutli-function platform which gives users the freedom to post their needs and wants. From job seeking to flatmates, baking classes to car mechanics; Maaxo eliminates the need for excessive niche apps by pulling together resources and therefore allowing users to save time and money by gaining access to a cross genre site and app. can even offer business’ the opportunity to connect with audience’s and customers around the globe. CEO and Founder said of the development “We are thrilled to be expanding our services to include a rewards system which will enhance user experience. At, we always strive to be one step ahead, be that through the diversity in our services, our web design or our user experience. By enabling users to collect points as they navigate the site – we can be sure that we continue to adapt our platform to meet the requirements our customers and provide a unique service that’s unrivalled across the web.”

Points Paying Off

Whether using Maaxo as an employer, seller, customer or for leisure purposes, the new points and rewards scheme means that time spent on the site making connections pays off. Not just by offering solutions to your queries but by adding real time value to your pocket. The site’s wealth of interdisciplinary experts are on hand to provide advice, counselling or services and can be reached through the unique points initiative. Whilst Maaxo’s partners have signed up to offer deals and exclusive offers to users of the site. By using to seek out your needs or wants, however big or small, you’re rewarding yourself by getting the job done!

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